Hand Dyed Fabrics

by Sue Vanderveen

All 12 of these fat quarters were put into
one bag adding dye to each layer.











Some of my hand dyes
donated to my guild's auction

















Accordian fold fabric

Sponge dye on one side. Flip over, leaving folds in place as much as possible. Dye with another color/darker shade etc. Bag for 24 hrs.

Layered technique
idea from Alice Norman

Layer 4 fat quarters on top of each other. Add dye by your favorite method, pour/sponge/etc. Make sure you add enough for it to penetrate all layers. Bag for 24 hrs. Bottom layer will be more pastel than top.

60's revisited! My first spiral.


Monet's Garden
Ellen Anne Eddy's technique:
Lightsource dyeing.


Painted with thickened dyes