National Clonal Germplasm Repository

Wolfskill 2008

Labor Day weekend several fig enthusiasts got together to finish
documenting the fig trees at UCD's germplasm bank.

Below are a few pictures of our trip.

Grand entrance to Wolfskill
lined with 100 year old olive trees.

Day 1

Jon, Darcy, Frank, and Sue (taking the picture) in the fig orchard.
Frank, Darcy and Sue collected leaves and fruit for Jon to photograph. Photos were added to his website
Of course we got to taste test every fig collected! Yum!
On day 2 Harvey joined us.

My favorite fig? Tied between the Panachee and Marabout c. Smyrna. The Black Ischia came in a close third.
Worst fig? Ca Brown Turkey. It had little to no fig flavor, was very watery and not very sweet.

Everyone got "fig-foot", fallen figs beneath the trees that caked on our shoes as we collected the fruit.
It was a mess to clean off and had to be done several times each day or you could not walk.






Black Ischia tree


Black Ischia






Day 2

Harvey and Dawn enjoying the Black Madeira figs




Pomegranates at Wolfskill




Miscellaneous pictures


Burning debris

Squirrel bait trap made with 4" PVC pipe



National Clonal Germplasm Repository in Davis, CA


Malli, (Mallikarjuna Aradhya),
Plant Geneticist, NCGR,
our host at the nursery


Genetic map of figs based on DNA testing at UCD.
This is one LONG sheet broken up into each cluster.
Stack one on top of the other to get the complete map.











last updated on 6/6/09
by Sue Vanderveen